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Discover the future of rare disease diagnostics with our AI-driven variant interpretation platform and get answers for your most complex cases at scale.


Bridging the gap

The development of modern DNA sequencing methods has shifted the bottleneck in genomics away from sequencing.

Today interpretation of variants and identification of disease-causing mutations are the real bottleneck in genomics.

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Let genetic testing labs focus on where they matter most

Our platform enables genetic testing labs to give more people with genetic diseases a clear and fast diagnosis.

Automated Variant Interpretation

Our AI-driven variant interpretation platform AION automatically identifies likely pathogenic variants in less than 2 minutes.

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AION allows you to confidently scale your genomic sequencing operations by tackling the interpretation bottleneck

Fast & Automated interpretation

AION provides an interpretation for an exome in less than 2 minutes. Additionally, a comprehensive report, as well as a result export, are generated automatically.

White-box Approach

We believe that every AI prediction needs to be verifiable by a human expert. Hence AION provides insights into the how and why variants were classified and prioritized.

Accurate Decision Support

Our unique AI-based platform provides accurate and reliable decision-support that outperforms rules-based ACMG classification by more than 50%

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Introducing AION

AION helps you speed up large parts of your variant interpretation, focus on very complex cases, and grow sustainable business operations.


Making a difference

With our easy-to-use platform AION, we are changing the way labs can interpret genetic test results. So patients can get fast and accurate insight.


AION automatically identifies likely pathogenic variants in less than 2 minutes.


AION can improve diagnostic yield by more than 50% compared to a rules-based ACMG classification.


AION is based on a vast, regularly updated and extended database containing >100 annotations.


Denisa Weis, Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD.

Deputy Head of Institute

Institute of Medical Genetics Linz, Austria

„Swift evaluation with excellent success rate. Very practical to use.”

Dr. Andreas Laner

Head of Genomics

MGZ, Germany

“Naturally, the filtering and prioritisation of variants will continue to follow traditional workflows, but I am convinced that in the future we will improve our work with the help of intelligent machine-learning algorithms such as the Nostos AION.”

Thøger Krogh, PhD

Lead Bioinformatician

Amplexa Genetics A/S, Denmark

“The results were amazing, the datasets found exactly what we expected (and then some). Really impressive feat of you and your team."

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